Castle Cars :: Welcome to Castle Cars : Birmingham and Solihull's Premier Taxi & Private Hire Company

We are focusing on:-

  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Reusing and repairing materials/products at every opportunity
  • Utilise Energies and water sparingly

We already:-

  • Recycle cardboard, paper, aluminium cans, bottles, plastics, mobile phones, radios, printer cartridges
  • Buy recycled products which can be reused or refilled
  • Buy eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs, turn off lights and electrical items when not in use, multi-functional devices (printing, copying, faxing, scanning) which saves energy and paper

We also encourage:-

  • Drivers to switch off the engine when waiting for passengers or stuck in traffic jams (saving fuel and reducing emissions)
  • Drivers to drive more efficiently, ie. plan journeys, avoid congestion whenever possible (saving fuel and reducing emissions)
  • Drivers/staff to walk or cycle
  • Drivers/staff to car share
  • Use LPG gas, cleaner fuels and vehicles 
  • Drivers/staff to recycle at home

By using e-mail for letters, invoices and other correspondence, we have reduced paper and envelope usage.

By recycling we have vastly reduced the amount of waste that goes into landfill sites and our aim is to continue to look at ways in which we can reduce this further. 

At present we are looking at converting existing vehicles to LPG gas.

In the future we aim to choose vehicles with fuel efficiency in mind and will also encourage our drivers to do the same.

The Management and staff of Castle Cars believe that to achieve our goals becoming the premier Taxi Company, we must lead not only economically, but also environmentally and socially as well. The Company understands that it is in a prominent position to affect the environment in the United Kingdom; our objective is not only to sustain our environment for our descendants but also to rehabilitate the damage previously done.

We believe that our corporate responsibility goes beyond our propriety borders and we endeavour to cooperate with our neighbours and our suppliers to develop our business in a sustainable manner, every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations. Our purchasing department will seek products and services of local origin and that are environmentally benign. The company will choose to hire locally wherever possible. Our success will be determined on a yearly basis with a commitment to improve. Furthermore, the company will meet existing environmental laws and regulations, but go beyond the status quo and seek techniques and approaches that position us ahead of our competition.

Our policy towards the environment will be readily available and promoted to our business partners and customers. Growth of our company depends on our abilities to minimize or eliminate our impacts on our surroundings. Our ultimate success depends on the environment of the United Kingdom, without a beautiful country, our customers will cease to come. Our Company’s future and the future of our environment are interconnected.

Castle Cars has committed to annually purchasing up to five Hybrid or other environmentally friendly vehicles in our quest to reduce emissions from our vehicles and help the environment; we would like to achieve a fleet of totally environmentally friendly vehicles by the year 2017.